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Welcome to Moderley, formerly - we hope you enjoy your new website experience. :)
Welcome to Moderley, formally :)

What our customers are saying...

Excellent customer service and the software did exactly what it said it would. ... the support team were of exceptional assistance resolving my problem. Well done.

Jay Atkinson

Wonderfull. I keep all i have camera front back, everything, but now i can put also evething on my android car without having move the radio on it. Just a dream😀
Thank u very much

M.P.P. Couturiaux

I've read a lot about this software upgrade, and was quite nervous. But Storeline offer good customer service advice and simple install instructions/video.

Philip Kerswell

I've had no problems so far and highly recommend the upgrade.

Nissan LEAF 2016 owner

Very good service.


This has to be one of the best upgrades your can do to your 30kwh Nissan Leaf. Also a must if you don't have an SD card for your car. Great service from Storeline through their live chat. Very happy with everything.


great... perfect solution

simply fantastic


Decent service. Product works as advertised. Would recommend.


I bought Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to 2016/17 Nissan Leaf remotely via SD Card. The service is excellent. It works like a charm. Too bad you have to connect your phone through a USB cable and not bluetooth. All and all very satisfied.

Channan De Paauw

I’m very happy with the software upgrade I purchased from you, I much prefer driving my Leaf now. Thank you to the customer support for helping me and answering my queries, much appreciated.


Great Customer Service!
I bought this software a while ago, staff were helpful and customer service was amazing as I was installing it onto my 2017 LEAF. 5 stars! :)


I’ve been using this software for a while now and it’s a lot better than the stock firmware that came with the car. It can be fiddly at times getting it setup and installing updates but overall it’s well worth the cost and the customer support has been amazing. You do lose climate control timers from the CarPlay interface but I’ve found you can get to them through the service screen it just takes a bit longer. You can also set the climate control in Nissan EV connect the same as you could before.

Cerys Davies

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