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Removal of Shein products |

Removal of Shein products

Unfortunately, due to Shein not complying with Modalyst policies, we are removing all Shein products from our site. However, we are adding more independent suppliers so the availability of products should not be affected.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and we appreciate your patience while we resolve this matter.

Here is the original article from the Modalyst dropshipping platform:

Chrome Extension Update (September 2019)

Leading up to Sept. 9, we have communicated that we will be discontinuing our Chrome Extension. As a further update, we will no longer sync prices and inventory for Shein items. It has come to our attention that Shein is not providing us with accurate information when it comes to the price and inventory sync. As Shein does not comply with our blind dropshipping policy in addition to not providing accurate pricing and inventory, we will be discontinuing the Shein sync completely, effective immediately. If you have Shein items in your store, we will not remove the items. Those items will remain with the current price and inventory count and will not be updated with accurate, real-time numbers We recommend removing all Shein items from your store to avoid selling items for the wrong price and when it sells out If you wish to continue selling Shein items, please note that you are selling them at your own risk, as we are not longer updating the prices and inventory We have a large array of new brands coming to Modalyst over the next few months. We are very strict when it comes to suppliers complying with our platform rules, such as blind dropshipping, on-time delivery, and responsiveness. We work hard to avoid removing important brands from the platform, however our intent is to protect your business so you can grow with confidence. On Modalyst, we aim to have the largest catalogue of relaible dropshippers so you can build a successful ecommerce business. We thank you for your understanding.

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