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Download up to date software...

You have lifetime updates! Each car head unit upgrade we sell includes lifetime updates at no extra cost. You can download the most up to date version from this page. 🥳

Latest LEAF Firmware: 🚗

Release Notes: 📝

In the latest update we now have the new Nissan logo and the ability to switch between the CarPlay and non CarPlay firmware in just a few minutes without changing the SD card. This is useful if you want to play CDs or set climate control or charge timers as these are not accessible from the CarPlay firmware. ⏲💿

(i) Did you know? You can use the Nissan EV Connect app for iOS and Android or the LeafStar plugin for Amazon Alexa regardless of which firmware you are using. Only the on screen timers are missing in the CarPlay Interface. 😃

To quickly switch firmware, try the following:

2) Select "Adjustment / Confirmation".
3) Scroll to and select "Software Update".
4) Follow the on screen prompts to switch firmware.
FYI: The prompt to switch firmware is timed so you need to tap the screen relatively quickly when prompted.
5) Set the timers in the stock firmware.
6) Repeat the above steps to switch back to the CarPlay firmware.

The timers will stay set even after switching back. This allows you to take advantage of off peak energy tariffs and preheat your car before you get in.

(i) Please be aware these files are large and might take a while to download... ⏱
Here are the map options we have available:  🗺



North America

My link isn't working or I can't find the map I'm looking for! 😧

If you would like the car to automatically accept Nissan data terms you can add this file to the root folder: ✅

Want to roll back to an older software version? Just contact our friendly support team and we'll try to get a copy of another version for you. 🤗

Free SD Card Setup Tool: 

Windows HDD Raw Copy:

Mac Etcher:

Software Piracy Warning: 😳
A valid licence is required to use our software. This licence is specific to your vehicle's VIN number and region. Please only use the links on this page, we are not responsible for damage caused by using software obtained illegitimately. Please contact support if you have any questions or have installed a bad version.

You only need to activate software once, if you're updating you just need to copy your licence key file across to the new card. If you've lost it just let our friendly support team know and we'll send over another copy. 😊