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Autism Awareness Loom Band Bracelet Rainbow Infinity Design

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£6.49 - £6.99
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July is Disability Pride Month - Celebrate Autism acceptance with this stylish bracelet!

Style Descriptions

Rainbow Infinity - Classic rainbow colours:

Pastel Rainbow Infinity - Lighter colours:

Gold Infinity - Gold infinity design, more commonly recognised as a symbol for autism in the UK because the element gold's symbol is "Au". :)

Picture coming soon! :)

Please note: The bands are high quality and will stretch. If you estimate your wrist size to be between the sizes it's best to order the size below as they will stretch to fit so that it's not too loose. :)


- Abbie, The Great Giraffe. :)


Our site is solely ran by autistic people so we've added these Autism Pride Loom Band Bracelets by Abbie for disability pride month. Show your support for autism with these super comfy and sensory safe loom bands. :)


Additional Customization Options:

Please add these in the special instructions / order notes space on the basket page.

- "C Clip" - The plastic connector that holds the band together. We only use proper Rainbow Loom C Clips, not S Clips as these aren't as durable. You can choose one:

In Order: Red / Green / Blue / Purple / White / Black.

- "Extension Bands" - This is the band that goes behind the design, in the main image this is white. You can choose one to five colours:

In Order: White / Transparent / Red / Dark Blue / Turquoise / Dark Green / Light Green / Yellow / Orange / Black / Dark Purple / Light Purple / Neon Pink / Gold / Mint Blue / Blue and Pink / Green and Pink / Blue and Purple / Pink and Purple / Light Blue / Light Pink.

You can leave order notes blank if you don't mind. :)